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HD 31: Perry Warren is an attorney, small business owner, and former public school teacher who is currently serving as a Newtown Borough Councilmember.
Race notes:

  • Perry will Stand up for our public schools and to make community colleges and universities more affordable.
  • In Newtown, Perry wrote an ordinance banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. As a State Representative, he will fight for equal rights under the law for all Pennsylvanians.
  • While Perry Warren worked to preserve open space in Bucks County, Ryan Gallagher voted to allow guns in local parks and will continue to push an extreme agenda in Harrisburg.

HD 49: Alan Benyak is an Army Veteran, who was honorably discharged at the rank of Major after completing twelve years of active and reserve duty, and a lawyer and Borough Solicitor.
Race notes:

  • Benyak is a lifelong resident of Southwestern Pennsylvania, but Bud Cook moved in from out of state and is supported by organizations that take tens of thousands of dollars from out of state corporations.
  • Property Tax Reform, creating good paying jobs, reducing urban blight and eradicating the opioid epidemic will be top priorities for Benyak.

HD 58: Mary Popovich is a former coal miner who transformed her life through education, and is now a Borough Mayor, small business owner, college instructor and an EMT.
Race notes:

  • Stand up for our public schools and fight to make sure every child has access to quality education.
  • Work to increase funding for job training, so workers in the struggling economy have a chance to train for new jobs.
  • Fight for seniors by working to lower the cost of prescription drugs, expand the property tax refund program, and advocate for affordable long-term care for seniors.
  • A former coal-miner, Mary Popovich understands the needs of Western Pennsylvania, but Justin Walsh will be a rubberstamp for the corporate interests getting tax breaks while sending jobs out of state.

HD 74: Josh Maxwell was the youngest elected Mayor of Downingtown in 2010. Josh restarted the Downingtown Main Street Association, an economic development non-profit, which has helped to move festivals and events downtown, helped small businesses fill main street store fronts and worked with Josh to help secure funding for a new train station.
Race notes:

  • Fair and full funding for education will be Maxwell’s top priority in Harrisburg.
  • Maxwell will work to end the gridlock in Harrisburg by working across the aisle to get things done.
  • Lewis sponsored a bill that would give tax breaks to oil and gas companies, but Josh Maxwell will go to Harrisburg and make sure that the drillers pay their fair share so we can lower taxes.

HD 95: Carol Hill-Evans is a York City native and York City Council President. When Carol gets to Harrisburg, she will:

  • Work to bring quality jobs to the region and raise the minimum wage.
  • Stand up for schools and make sure every child in the Commonwealth receives as quality education.
  • Fight to ensure the Commonwealth upholds its outstanding commitment to current and retired public employees, such as law enforcement officers, firefighters and educators.

HD 115: Maureen Madden is a communications instructor at East Stroudsburg University who is involved in the community as a volunteer at the local correctional facility, where she teaches female prisoners life skills.
Race notes:

  • Fight to increase education funding.
  • Work to bring good jobs to the area.
  • Propose property tax reform legislation.

HD 146: Joe Ciresi lives in Limerick Township with his wife and son. He’s served on the Spring-Ford Area School Board for more than 10 years, during which the district has become one of Pennsylvania’s finest.
Race notes:

  • Advocating for our seniors, fighting to lower the cost of prescription drugs, expanding property tax reform, and more affordable long-term care are Ciresi’s top priorities.
  • Ciresi will push to restore train service between Philadelphia and Pottstown, which will help relieve traffic on the highways and attract businesses to the area boosting the local economy.
  • Push to restore train service between Philadelphia and Pottstown, which will help relieve traffic on the highways and attract businesses to the area boosting the local economy.
  • Tom Quigley has an extreme agenda. He voted for the one of the country’s most restrictive abortion bans and blocked a bill that would keep guns out of the hands of terrorists.

HD 150: Linda Weaver found her calling volunteering with children with special needs in college and then taught special education for more than 40 years. She was instrumental in setting up the Health Care Consortium, which provides health care benefits for thousands of people in Bucks and Montgomery counties and has saved school districts millions.
Race notes:

  • Linda will bring people together to pass fiscally responsible budgets, invest in our schools, and put an end to wasteful spending.
  • Fight to ensure that special education programs are funded so that children with special needs will have an opportunity to succeed.
  • Support implementing an extraction tax for oil and gas drillers, ensuring that oil and gas companies pay their fair share of taxes.
  • Weaver was an educator for over 40 years, but Corr is supported by an organization funded by the billionaire Koch Brothers and will be a rubberstamp for corporate tax breaks.

HD 156: Carolyn Comitta is a former educator who was elected Mayor of West Chester in 2009, running on both the Democratic and Republican lines. As Mayor, she has built coalitions to focus on the issues that matter most.
Race notes:

  • Comitta supports common-sense changes to help reduce gun violence, including requiring universal background checks.
  • Just like she did in West Chester, Carolyn will work with local community leaders and organizations to help combat the growing drug epidemic. She will also fight for more funding for our police and first responders.
  • Comitta is a coalition builder who brings people together, but Dan Truitt is an open supporter of Donald Trump and his divisive agenda.

HD 163: Barbarann Keffer, who sits on the Upper Darby Council, is married with two daughters and lives in Drexel Hill. On Council, Keffer demanded that township financial records be disclosed and town contracts be opened for public bid.
Race notes:

  • Keffer will work to properly invest in our public schools, fighting to re-coup the devastating cuts of 2011 and leading the effort to make sure that every child has access to pre-k.
  • She will fight for property tax reform to prevent local property tax increases.
  • Barbarann Keffer is a reformer who will fight the old boys club in Harrisburg, but Jamie Santora voted to cut funding for lobbying disclosure and kept local council minutes hidden from the public eye.

HD 165: Elaine Paul Schaefer is an attorney and member of the Board of Commissioners for Radnor Township, where she has rooted out waste and fiscal mismanagement and put the township on a path to financial stability.
Race notes:

  • She will stand up for women, working to raise minimum wage, fight for equal pay for equal work, and support requiring employers to provide paid family leave for employees.
  • Schaefer will work to close corporate tax loopholes and make corporate special interests like the natural gas companies pay their fair share.
  • Charlton is a political opportunist who is funded by local developers, but Elaine Schaefer worked across the aisle to get things done like preserving 71 acres of open space.

HD 168: Diane Cornman-Levy has spent her entire career in the nonprofit field, working to improve the lives of others. Currently, she is the Executive Director for the Federation of Neighborhood Centers.
Race notes:

  • Diane will fight the opioid epidemic, an issue that is close to her heart.
  • Diane Cornman-Levy is an outsider who will change the system in Harrisburg, but Chris Quinn is another career politician who is funded by the same Republicans who prolonged the 2015 budget impasse.

HD 170: Matt Darragh was born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, the proud son of a union household. He is a graduate of Widener University School of Law and works for Pennsylvania’s Auditor General’s office, fighting fraud and waste.
Race notes:

  • Darragh will ensure that Philadelphia gets its fair share of education dollarsso working families should not have to leave the northeast for access to quality public schools.
  • Matt will fight for our police and other first responders to ensure they have the tools and resources needed to do their jobs.
  • Matt Darragh is lifelong resident of Northeast Philadelphia with deep ties to the community, but Martina White voted for one of the country’s most restrictive abortion bans and will push an extreme agenda in Harrisburg.

HD 177: Joe Hohenstein is an immigration attorney, who focuses on deportation defense and keeping families unified here in the United States.
Race notes:

  • Hohenstein will stand up for common-sense gun laws, such as background checks and reporting of lost and stolen guns.
  • Raising the minimum wage to $15 and then indexing it to inflation will be a top priority for Joe in Harrisburg.
  • Unlike his opponent, Joe Hohenstein is not a career politician who bought and paid for by special interest groups.

HD 183: Phillips Armstrong is a Township Commissioner President, and a retired educator and Hall of Fame coach.
Race notes:

  • Phil will fight for seniors by advocating to lower the cost of prescription drugs and expanding the property tax refund program.
  • As a former educator, Armstrong will stand up for schools and make sure that every child receives a quality education and has access to affordable higher education opportunities.
  • A hall of fame basketball coach and retired educator, Phil Armstrong has the experience to get the job done in Harrisburg, but Mako still lives with his parents and supports an agenda that would leave our schools underfunded.

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