PA Capitol Building
Photo by Christopher Dietz

After the upset victory in the August 4th Special Election in Pennsylvania’s 161st District, the House Democratic Campaign Committee is looking forward to even more victories in 2016. HDCC is tasked with Democratic incumbent protection, recruiting and training high quality candidates to challenge Republican incumbents, and spearheading a conversation with voters across the commonwealth.

Incumbent Protection

Growing the Democratic caucus in the General Assembly begins protecting incumbent Democratic Representatives. As a top priority of the HDCC, our staff works with our members to ensure that they have the resources they need to run successful re-election campaigns.

Recruitment and Training

Running for State Representative can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging. The HDCC is tasked with recruiting Democratic candidates who are active in their communities and reflect their district to run for office. In addition to recruiting strong candidates, HDCC works to support Democratic candidates through training and development of campaign strategy.

Engaging Voters Across the Commonwealth

In 2016, HDCC is ready to engage Pennsylvanians in conversations about the issues most important to their day-to-day lives. State Representatives in the General Assembly are the voice of local communities in Harrisburg, and our Democratic candidates and elected Representatives are listening to their neighbors and constituents. HDCC will continue to take the lead in working with candidates to ensure that they are reflecting the values and priorities of their community.

About the Executive Director

Nathan Davidson, a veteran Democratic campaign staffer, is committed to working with Democratic Leadership to elect more Democrats to the General Assembly. Having worked on winning campaigns in 5 states, he brings the experience of successful statewide, congressional, and municipal elections to the committee. A native of Hershey, Davidson will bring fresh ideas to HDCC and work to grow the strong and diverse Democratic House Caucus.


House Democratic Leader

Frank Dermody (HD33)

Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties

House Democratic Whip

Mike Hanna (HD76)

Clinton and Centre Counties

Democratic Appropriations Chair

Joe Markosek (HD25)

Allegheny County

Democratic Caucus Chairman

Dan Frankel (HD23)

Allegheny County

Democratic Policy Chairman

Mike Sturla (HD96)

Lancaster County

Democratic Caucus Secretary

Rosita Youngblood (HD198)

Philadelphia County

Democratic Caucus Administrator

Neal Goodman (HD123)

Schuylkill County