As the official campaign arm of Pennsylvania House Democrats, the PA HDCC supports the second-largest legislative chamber in the country by protecting incumbents and recruiting and training challengers to grow Democratic representation in Harrisburg.


Bob Merski
HD 2

As an educator, son of a law enforcement officer, and a city councilman, public service has always been a part of who Bob Merski is. As your representative, Bob will continue to advocate for children, working families, and seniors in Harrisburg by using his collaborative experience to ensure equal pay for equal work, top notch education for our students, and stronger local economies.

Ryan Bizzarro
HD 3

Ryan Bizzarro’s career in public service is marked by a passion for victim advocacy, animal rights, and veteran issues and rights. Ryan's decision to run for office – and his efforts since being elected – are natural outgrowths of his determination to serve the people of Erie.

Chelsea Oliver
HD 4

Chelsea Oliver is an upstanding community member for her town of Corry, where she has spent years developing her empathy-first leadership approach to bring more community development to her town. As your representative in HD-4, Chelsea will never stop fighting to bring more economic opportunity and support to you.

Nerissa Galt
HD 6

Nerissa Galt is a working mother who knows the importance of community support, having a fair shot, and seeing yourself represented in government. Nerissa is working to give everyone a seat at the table, and will fight for quality education for all, better economic help and opportunity, and a better life for everyone in HD-6.

Timothy McGonigle
HD 7

Tim McGonigle has spent his life serving his community as a local business owner, a family man, and most recently, as a Mercer County Commissioner. Tim is ready to be a voice for HD-7, and is focused on making progress in PA by finding common ground.

Chris Sainato
HD 9

Chris Sainato grew up in HD-9 and has worked to serve the community's interests his whole career. As the Dem chair of the Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee, Chris has led the way on veteran and first-responder issues and will continue to do so for HD-9.

Robert Vigue
HD 12

An Air Force veteran and proud father and grandfather, Robert Vigue is ready to be a force for change in Pennsylvania. Robert is committed to raising the minimum wage, providing better care to veterans and seniors, and investing in PA's future through green energy and infrastructure.

Bruce Allen Carper
HD 14

An advocate for mental health and safer workplace conditions, Bruce Allen Carper is running to be a voice for change in Harrisburg to improve the lives for all the residents of HD-14.

Rob Matzie
HD 16

Rob Matzie is a lifelong resident of Ambridge and has dedicated his life to serving his community in public office and as a volunteer. As representative, Rob has fought to preserve PA's history villages, landmarks, and forests – and he'll continue to do so for the people of HD-16.

Laurie Smith
HD 18

A public school teacher for the last 14 years, Laurie Smith saw the real world impact of Harrisburg's failures in her classroom every day. Now, Laurie is running to bring better education funding and support to the people of HD-18 as their voice in Harrisburg!

Emily Kinkead
HD 20

Emily Kinkead has spent her time in office committed to being a voice for her district and advocating for the values that she believes need to be more central in our government policy – justice, equity, and diversity. Emily is here to listen to what the people want from their government, and she will never stop being a responsible, accountable leader working for the people of HD-20.

Joshua Siegel
HD 22

An expert in communication, Josh Siegel has served Lehigh County in serveral roles that promote governmetn transparency. accountability, and accessibility, while also creating Lehigh County's first Youth Advisory Council to promote youth leadership skills and civic engagement. Josh is ready to take these skills to Harrisburg and create more open communication between our state government and its constituents.

La'Tasha Mayes
HD 24

La'Tasha Mayes is running to disrupt politics as usual and to use her experience as a public servant to advocate for racial, gender and economic justice that will center on marginalized communities and the entire district. La'Tasha is ready to be a voice for her community and a voice for change in Harrisburg.

Brandon Markosek
HD 25

Brandon Markosek has always lent a listening ear to his constituents during his time in the House! Brandon values the input of all ages and takes the time to listen to neighbors about what the community values, and in response began promoting stronger senior living programs and better education funding. Brandon is here to listen to the people of HD-25!

Paul Friel
HD 26

Paul Friel, local businessman and family man, is running to be your representative in HD-26 because he has seen the challenges facing Pennsylvania's working class and wants to be their voice in politics. Paul's experiences will prove invaluable in the Harrisburg fight for healthier local economies, communities, and families.

Tim Brennan
HD 29

Tim Brennan will be a voice for Bucks County in Harrisburg, as someone who has fought for election fairness, fought against Republican lies of election fraud, and fights for the safety of our democracy. Tim is running because he wants to protect our commonwealth in every aspect, be it through climate protection, LGBTQ+ advocacy, or increasing representation that truly listens to the people.

Arvind Venkat
HD 30

As an ER doctor, Arvind Venkat serves on the frontlines of COVID. We need a representative who has served our community through crises big and small and will use these experiences to advocate for everyone. Arvind will bring that foundation of service to the House on behalf of the people.

Perry Warren
HD 31

As State Representative, Perry Warren has been a tireless advocate for our community. Perry has advocated for increased funding for our schools, preservation of our environment and support for our local economy, and will continue to do that and more for the people of HD-31.

Mandy Steele
HD 33

Mandy Steele is a mother of four, a municipal councilperson, a volunteer, a non-profit founder, and a champion for the people. Mandy is someone with a track record of getting things done, who understands the importance of empowering communities, and will fight for what's right.

Nick Pisciottano
HD 38

Nick Pisciottano is motivated by his deep interest in using public policy to assist the communities he represents and improve the quality of life throughout HD-38. Nick uses his life experience to create policies that support LGBTQ+ rights, labor rights, and stronger labor and technology aid for his community. Nick is always ready to learn new things in order to help his constituents!

Debra Turici
HD 44

A school teacher for 33 years, Debbie Turici is ready to take her knoweldge of the classroom and the issues important to our families to the capitol, and be a voice for progress. Debbie is pro-choice, pro-union, and pro-public education and will make sure that each of her constituents benefits from her commitment to these issues.

Anita Astorino Kulik
HD 45

Anita Astorino Kulik has spent her time as representative fighting for more public funding for safer infrastructure, better senior care, and increased natural-disaster protections. Anita consistently brings home resources for these public services and will never stop fighting for the peopel of HD-45.

Ismail Smith-Wade-El
HD 49

Ismail Smith-Wade-El witnessed the lack of help that social service organizations received from his local politicians, and began his career in politics on the City Council, working with the community step-by-step to gain the proper resources needed for Lancaster. Izzy is ready to take his passion and experience to Harrisburg and be a voice for working families, organizers, and community in the fight for fair wages, affordable housing, and quality education.

Doug Mason
HD 50

Doug Mason has been a music teacher for 30 years, and is currently the Band Director in the Central Greene School District. Doug knows the importance of thinking creatively and fostering open communication, and is ready to take those skills to Harrisburg and be an advocate for better public education, bringing back energy jobs to his community, and representing your interests.

Richard Ringer
HD 51

Richard Ringer knows it's time for change in Pennsylvania. That's why he's running to represent the people of HD-51 in order to bring their voice to the table in Harrisburg, especially on the issues of voting rights and election transparency.

Steven Malagari
HD 53

Steve Malagari has a proven track record of fighting for working families in Harrisburg, including standing up for unions and workers’ rights. Steve is committed to keep making bipartisan progress on health care, to protecting and serving our seniors, and to improving local infrastructure, education, agricultural, and environmental standards.

Gregory Scott
HD 54

Greg Scott has been an active member in his community and local politics since a young age, and is always making sure that the government works for the people. As a judge, Greg is a leading advocate for understanding trauma and its effects on those he views in his courtroom, and will use that experience to reform the criminal justice system to prioritize mental health treatment, invest in our education system, and create a better healthcare system to make sure that your government is working for you.

Ken Bach
HD 58

An active member of his community, a family man, a businessman, and a Navy veteran, Ken Bach is ready to be your voice in Harrisburg. Ken is an advocate for green energy – already using solar power in his own home – restructuring public school funding to eliminate school property taxes, and investing in programs that promote community growth and wellness. He is ready to be a force for change in PA!

Brian Doyle
HD 62

Brian Doyle began his journey in politics because he wants to help people, and knows that he can be a voice for progress in Harrisburg. After seeing his family lose their health insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brian knows that our government can do better to help its working families, and Brian is ready to be an advocate for PA's working families.

Matt Bradford
HD 70

Matt Bradford has built a reputation as a bipartisan consensus builder both locally and in Harrisburg, fighting for working families in HD-70. As a father, activist, attorney, and state representative, Matt knows the values of his community and is no stranger to finding common ground solutions that improve the lives of his constituents.

Frank Burns
HD 72

A native son of Cambria County, Frank Burns was born and raised in East Taylor Township. In 2008, Frank ran for and won his first term in the state legislature, and has never let up from advocating for the people of his hometown.

Dan Williams
HD 74

As a member of the working-class and as a pastor of the community, Dan Williams has an in-depth understanding of what District 74 needs to thrive. As a leader, Dan is committed to the welfare of every citizen in the community, and has a proven track record of success, having delivered over $8 million in public resources during his time as representative.

Erica Vogt
HD 75

Erica Vogt is running to represent the people of HD-75 because as an educator, daughter, and aunt, she knows the issues facing her community more than most. Erica is committed to improving the support for public schools, senior care, and local businesses and ensuring that every voice is heard in government.

Denise Maris
HD 76

Denise Maris has spent her career serving the community as a director of Human Resources, a school bus driver, and as a volunteer cleaning up her town. Denise is running for office because she wants to increase the representation of her community issues, and has been going door-to-door through her community to better understand what people want to see from government. Denise is already shown that she is ready to meet the people where they are and fight for what matters to them.

Scott Conklin
HD 77

Scott Conklin has spent the last 16 years fighting for you and the people of HD-77, with his servant leadership. Scott meets the people where they are, to fight for the most important values in his community, like workers' rights, environmental protections, and LGBTQ+ rights. Scott is here to serve you as representative!

Ian Kidd
HD 81

A high school teacher and union member in Huntingdon County, Ian Kidd hears everyday what matters to his community, and he wanted to do more to help. So he's running for representative to be voice in the fight for real representation, and to make sure that government works for us, like we work for each other.

Paul Takac
HD 82

Paul Takac knows the needs of working families & the importance of community resources. As a businessman of 30+ years, Paul will bring his problem-solving expertise to Harrisburg & support policies that benefit everyone – not just those who are already winning.

Kristal Markle
HD 87

Kristal Markle is a mom, established servant leader and successful small business owner. She will defend women's rights, equal rights, victim’s rights, public education and public service members. She is working to put people before politics and ensure that all voices are heard.

Sara Agerton
HD 88

Sara Agerton is a working mother, a Social Worker, & a peacemaker. She was elected to the Mechanicsburg Borough Council in 2020 as the only Democrat. Sara is fighting for healthcare rights, voting rights, & economic development & will always work to support the residents of HD-88.

Daniel Almoney
HD 92

Raised by working class parents, Dan Almoney knows the values and issues that are important to our communities. Dan is a former small business owner, current softball coach, and proud family man who is ready to represent the people of HD-92 on the issues of education, unions, healthcare, and empathy in politics.

Chris Rodkey
HD 93

Chris Rodkey is running to be a voice for Southern York County, especially its working class families. Chris knows firsthand the struggle to afford health care, child care, and a home, and wants to be an advocate for these issues, along with promoting agriculture, infrastructure, and education investment for the people of HD-93.

Mark Temons
HD 98

Mark Temons is a man of many experiences, from working as a tradesman, organizer, father, and former small business owner. Mark has already been an active advocate for issues like labor, prison reform, foreign policy, and racial justice, and will continue to do so as your representative. He is ready to fight for the working people of HD-98 and truly represent their issues in government.

Josh Caltagirone
HD 99

Josh Caltagirone is running for representative so he can make a difference in his community. Having spent time in foster homes and homeless shelters, Josh knows the struggles of the community, and the importance of a optimistic and hardworking outlook on life. Josh wants to use his voice to bring a new perspective to politics that better suit our changing community values.

Cavi Miller
HD 101

Catherine Miller is running to represent the people of HD-101 because she believes in making a difference in people's lives. Cavi leads with integrity, accountability, and transparency, and wants our government to do the same.

Laura Quick
HD 102

Laura Quick has worked many jobs, including as a public school teacher, racecar driver, and UPS manager. Laura is running for office because she wants our representatives to work for the people, and she will use her life experience to partner with her communities and be an effective voice for change for the people of HD-102.

David Madsen
HD 104

David Madsen believes in a government that supports the people, which is why he will champion healthcare rights, reproductive access, and education rights for all of the people of HD-104.

Justin Fleming
HD 105

Justin Fleming is running because families are working harder and harder but still falling behind. Since childhood, Justin and his family have known the value of public services and community support. Because of his experiences, Justin will push Pennsylvania to do better for working families and be a voice for all in the House.

Kyle Mullins
HD 112

Kyle Mullins is running for reelection in HD-112 because he wants to make a real difference in the lives of those who share his own hometown values. It’s clear to Kyle that effective public service can truly improve lives, and because of that, his day one priorities are supporting working families, creating local jobs, and reforming government to actually put the peoples' needs first. 

Kyle Donahue
HD 113

Kyle Donahue is laying the groundwork for future generations' success in Scranton, sitting on the Scranton City Council and promoting economic recovery in the city. Kyle is running because he believes the best days are ahead of us, and he will fight for it – for us – as representative.

Bridget Kosierowski
HD 114

Since being sworn into office in 2019, Bridget Kosierowski has brought over $215 million back to her district, provided over 20,000 constituent services, and introduced fifteen pieces of legislation. Bridget is committed, and has the track record to prove it, to bringing the best possible leadership to the people of HD-114.

Maureen Madden
HD 115

Maureen Madden's dedication to every person in the HD-115 is clear from her priorities in office. Maureen is committed to policies that will expand the freedom and health of her constituents, from the right to choose to better education, to safer environmental protections and higher wages for all Pennsylvanians. Maureen is here to work for you and HD-115.

Yesenia Rodriguez
HD 116

Yesenia Rodriguez is a mother, wife, and small business owner who understands the struggles that her community members face every day. Yesenia is a foster mom, who wants to give each child a chance at a better life – which is why she is running for office. To make a difference and to pave the way for the next generation to have a better life.

James Haddock
HD 118

As the former Mayor of Avoca, Jim Haddock has a proven record of fighting for quality of life issues and getting results for Pennsylvania families. In Harrisburg, Jim will use that same fighting spirit for the people of HD-118 to bring the proper funds to public education, reduce property taxes for homeowners, create jobs with living wages, and secure affordable quality healthcare.

Vito Malacari
HD 119

A public school teacher, Vito Malacari knows the importance of investing in and supporting the education of our children. Vito will be on the frontlines fighting for better education resources for everyone and working to brighten the future for all of Pennsylvania.

Fern Leard
HD 120

Fern Leard is a working mom of two who has decided to take the fight for better healthcare and education to the capitol as your representative in HD-120. Fern is pro-union, pro-public education, pro-choice, and pro-environmental protection to ensure that our children and their futures are as bright as they can be.

Eddie Day Pashinski
HD 121

Eddie Day Pashinski is a father, an educator, and a hometown advocate committed from day one to faithfully serving the interests of the people who elected him. Eddie is a leader in the fight to make quality health care and education more affordable and accessible to all, and is always a voice for progress for the people of HD-121.

Kathleen Benyak
HD 123

A lifelong mover and shaker, Kathy Benyak is committed to her community of Schuylkill County, first working as an Emergency Medical Technician at the age of 18, and continuing to serve her community. Now, Kathy wants to be a responsive voice to the people of HD-123 and will work to provide them with quality healthcare, education, protected LGBTQ+ rights, and safer communities.

Tina Burns
HD 124

Tina Burns is ready to be the change for the working class, rural people of HD-124. For too long, Tina has watched local politicians promise help to her local communities, only to break those promises. Tina will be the representative that is fighting in your corner and will bring accountability, affordability, accessibility, and most importantly: change.

Mark Rozzi
HD 126

Mark Rozzi leads with the sole mission of creating policies that are best for his district, regardless of who proposes them, and is a fierce champion of holding those in power accountable. Mark's priorities include education, property tax relief, improving the commonwealth's aging infrastructure system and safeguarding our children from predators to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at a bright future.

Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz
HD 129

Johanny serves as the City Council Member in Reading, PA and consistently puts community and people first. Johanny owns the Mi Casa Su Casa Café and has numerous awards in community service and entrepreneurship. She will use these experiences to serve the people of HD-129.

Kevin Branco
HD 131

Kevin Branco wants to be a voice for the people of HD-131, and enact policies that truly matter to his community. As a local business owner and community organizer, Kevin knows what's important to his neighbors, and will fight to make sure that quality education, local business support, and environmental protections are a priority in Harrisburg lawmaking.

Mike Schlossberg
HD 132

Mike Schlossberg is running for reelection because he believes that government has an important role to play in improving your life – and he wants to continue playing that role in the fight for fair taxes, great jobs, quality education, and protecting our most marginalized community members. Mike will continue to fight for the best quality of life in HD-132!

Anna Thomas
HD 137

Anna Thomas knows firsthand the importance of good education. Having served on her local school board and earning her Masters degree in Public Administration, Anna is ready to fight for better public education funding to provide all of HD-137 with a brighter future. Anna wants public policy to be driven by common sense and fairness, and will always work towards policies that benefit everyone.

Gene Hunter
HD 138

Gene Hunter is a fierce advocate for climate protection, green energy, and ensuring that our communities are safe for our children in the years to come. As representative, Gene will be a voice for change for the people of HD-138.

Meghan Rosenfeld
HD 139

An experienced educator and legal professional with a passion for advocacy and learning, Meg Rosenfeld is determined to be a voice for change. Meg will fight for better healthcare and infrastructure in rural areas, smart environmental protection policies, and quality education for everyone in HD-139.

Tina Davis
HD 141

Tina Davis has carved out a reputation as a leader in Harrisburg, taking on a lead role on key issues such as economic development and opportunity, job creation, pay equity, property tax reform, and programs assisting families, seniors, and veterans. As your representative for the people of HD-141, Tina will continue to fight for these vital services in your community.

Mark Moffa
HD 142

A tireless worker, Mark Moffa has served under Republican & Democratic administrations & worked on a variety of issues, ranging from farmland preservation to commercial revitalization. Now Mark is ready to put his 15 years of experience as a local leader to work for HD-142.

Gwen Stoltz
HD 143

Gwen Stoltz is an active member of her community who will bring her energy, experience, and knowledge to deliver results for the residents of HD-143. Gwen will use her experiences as a scientist and community leader to fight for safe environmental and healthcare policies.

Brian Munroe
HD 144

Brian Munroe has spent a lifetime serving his community and country. Brian’s commitment to public service continues as he currently serves as Clerk of Courts in Bucks County. Brian will fight for the environment, voting rights, equal rights, and quality jobs to HD-144.

Jim Miller
HD 145

Jim Miller is a longtime resident of the community, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force, a businessman, and a local chairman. Throughout his community leadership roles, Jim has a proven track record of increasing funding for infrastructure, improving building accessibility, and converting community buildings to 100% solar power. As representative, Jim would use his same passion and experience to bring even better success to the people of HD-145.

Joe Ciresi
HD 146

Joe Ciresi is a representative committed to bi-partisan solutions, having spent his time reducing the state's debt and promoting responsible budgeting, decreasing prescription drug costs in the fight for affordable healthcare for all, and fighting for commonsense gun reform. Joe stands up for progress, and will continue to work for the people of HD-146.

Alexandra Lynn Wisser
HD 147

Alexandra Lynn Wisser is committed to Pennsylvania's working class families, having witnessed her parents' own struggles with healthcare access later in life and speaking with local teachers on their struggles within the education system. Alexandra wants to be their voices in government, to make sure that her community is receiving the best care and support that it possibly can.

Joe Webster
HD 150

Joe Webster is a proven leader who values the right to quality education, the protection of our state's natural resources and the environment, the right to affordable healthcare, and the reduction of gun violence. Joe has been fighting for these essential policies in HD-150 because he believes in creating safer communities with a healthier workforce and enhanced economic growth.

Melissa Cerrato
HD 151

Melissa Cerrato knows the importance of public schools & a healthy community. She served under State Rep Liz Hanbidge from 2018-22 and was at the forefront of COVID relief efforts. Missy wants to create helpful policies for PA and provide better representation for HD151.

Chris Pielli
HD 156

Chris Pielli has made a career in public service, first as a U.S. Army man and now as a father. He is committed to fighting for a living wage, environmental protection, voting rights, the right to choose, small business owners, and a citizen’s right to enjoy the equal protection of the law no matter their race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion, because Chris believes that a government that doesn’t work for everyone inevitably will not work for anyone

Christina Sappey
HD 158

Christina Sappey is committed to protecting our quality of life and working to create opportunity for all, whether in office or as a community activist. Chris has spent years helping her community before being elected as representative, and she will continue to work for the people of HD-58 as your representative.

Cathy Spahr
HD 160

Cathy Spahr is a champion of the people's needs. In 2017, she started a grassroots program to send legislators a copy of The Lorax to protect the environment. As a working mother, Cathy knows the importance of leading with integrity and collaborating to create a better future.

Leanne Krueger
HD 161

A leader in countless committees and organizations in Harrisburg, Leanne Krueger is trailblazing a path to progress for the people of HD-161. A progressive champion and tireless advocate for women, school kids, the environment, and working families, Leanne will never stop fighting for what's right on and off the House floor.

David Delloso
HD 162

Dave Delloso is running for re-election this year to return the power to the people who go to work every day right here in Delco. Dave is committed to increasing school funding to give everyone access to quality education, raising wages so workers have a fighting chance, and bringing more aid to local business to promote thriving communities.

Jennifer O'Mara
HD 165

As Representative, Jennifer O'Mara is committed to improving public education for our children, ensuring access to affordable healthcare, and expanding job opportunities at all skill levels. Jennifer's dedication to public service is deeply rooted in her own experience, and her ability to deliver practical solutions is invaluable to the people of HD-165.

Lisa Borowski
HD 168

Service is Lisa’s North Star, a passion she learned from her parents in the medical field. Lisa is a longtime public servant with a track record of delivering for her community has has always shown up to fight for her constituents. Lisa will work every day in service of HD-168.

Isaac Riston
HD 169

Isaac Riston is a conversation-driven candidate, who spends his time knocking doors and learning about the issues that matter to his community. Active in politics since college, Isaac wants to be the voice for the people, hence why he meets them where they are! Isaac is running to improve our living conditions, to pass legislation that meets the needs of these people, to create a system where people can be their best selves and live a dignified and loving life.

Robert Ziegler
HD 171

A working class man, Robert Ziegler knows the everyday challenges of living in a rural community. As the Millheim Borough Council President, Robert has a proven track record of bringing well-needed services to his area, including solar energy, LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination resolution, and high speed internet. As your state representative, Robert is committed to generating jobs, raising the quality of life, and governing with the people.

Kevin Boyle
HD 172

Kevin Boyle has dedicated his career to helping Pennsylvanians from all walks of life, working to ensure that aid, education, and safety is a priority for all, whether they are senior citizens, refugees or new homeowners looking to thrive in PA.

Patrick Gallagher
HD 173

Pat Gallagher is ready to be a voice for the working class in HD-173. A strong supporter of his local union, and unions at large, Pat is dedicated to ensuring that everyone has a voice at the polls and in Harrisburg.

Hope Christman
HD 176

Hope Christman is a social worker committed to fostering communication in politics in order to get the job done for the people of HD-176. Hope wants to be the force that fosters change in Harrisburg and crosses harsh divides to enact meaningful policies that will create progress in Pennsylvania.

Ilya Breyman
HD 178

Ilya Breyman is an education entrepreneur who is passionate about investing in people. As a first-generation immigrant, Ilya believes in protecting democratic institutions and creating opportunities for everyone in America to pursue their American dream.

Jose Giral
HD 180

Jose Giral has been a Philadelphia resident for over twenty years and has served as the Democratic Committeeperson for the 33rd ward for eight years now and served as a Commissioner for Governor Tom Wolf’s Advisory Commission on Latino Affairs, among other local organizations. Jose is committed to being a voice for the people of the HD-180 and to improving PA as a whole.

Ben Waxman
HD 189

As a journalist, organizer, and community advocate, Ben Waxman has consistently led the way on the issues that matter the most to all Philadelphians. Ben believes that government can do good for the people, and he is the representative to make that happen. Ben is committed to better healthcare and public safety, raising the minimum wage, and pursuing green energy.

Tarah Probst
HD 189

Tarah Probst is running because HD-189 needs better representation. Tarah was the first female mayor of Stroudsburg & was re-elected with 70% of the vote for her third term. Tarah will use her hard work, dedication, and principles to better serve the people of HD-189 and of Pennsylvania.

Gwendolyn Veronica (Roni) Green
HD 190

Gwendolyn Veronica Green is a community and labor leader who has spent over 30 years advocating for working families and the most vulnerable citizens in Philadelphia. Roni will continue her fight for safer and more affordable communities as state representative.

Tarik Khan
HD 194

Tarik Khan has spent over a decade and a half as a frontline nurse solving problems and advocating for patients and workers. As State Representative, Tarik will fight for a Pennsylvania that works for all of us, one that prioritizes healthcare and reproductive care for all, safe environmental policies, better funded schools.

Alan Howe
HD 199

Alan Howe is concerned by the poor performance of Pennsylvania schools, low minimum wage and our lack of robust environmental protections. Alan wants to create a Pennsylvania that can be proud of its government and its lawmakers, and is committed to being a champion of progress.

Christopher Rabb
HD 200

Chris Rabb is a father, educator, author, and social justice activist, as well as a thought leader at the intersection of politics, media entrepreneurship and social identity, with years of experience as a teacher at Temple University. Chris will continue to advocate for the people of HD-200 on issues such as social justice, healthcare, and reproductive access.

Anthony Bellmon
HD 203

A community organizer with over 7 years of legislative experience both in Philadelphia and on Capitol Hill, Anthony Bellmon has already worked extensively on issues that directly affect Olney and Northeast Philadelphia. As our next State Representative, Anthony will work to make sure the policies made in Harrisburg work for the people of HD-203.



We know that in order to have good government, we must elect good leaders.

Your support is more critical than ever as we fight to secure a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

In 2020, we saw record turnout to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to turn Pennsylvania blue.

Pennsylvanians stepped up when the circumstances were the most challenging and the stakes were highest. Now, our work continues.

Joanna McClinton, Democratic Leader